Address this Problem and Increase your Local Search Engine Rankings

Today’s post is short and sweet. But powerful.

Simply add your address and phone number to every page of your website.

If that’s enough for you, don’t read any further and it to your site right now.

If you need a little more convincing or information, keep reading.

I have my address in two places on every page of my website including the footer (see image above) as well as in the right sidebar.

When you’re trying to capitalize on local searches like “martial arts denver”, you need to first make sure you have the right keywords people are searching on your site. If they aren’t there, Google doesn’t know how to rank your site for those keywords.  Not only that, but local geo based keywords should also be in your title tags and also help Google identify your location.

Once Google sees keywords like “Martial Arts” and combines that with your location information “Denver Colorado” you create a potent combination that is like catnip for Google.

Google needs to see your address and phone number to help identify where you are located to help preset your website whenever people search for a martial arts school in your local market.

Having your address on one page of your website isn’t enough.

You should have your address and phone number on every page as each page is treated differently in the search engines. By placing it everywhere, you increase the chance of getting more searches to your site on local based keyword terms for more of your pages.

Google extracts your area code, prefix, zip code, city name and more to help them target your location. Do this and you won’t be sorry when it comes to local search engine optimization for your martial arts school.

Do this right now so you can begin capitalizing on this simple but powerful idea.

Seriously, stop reading and do it already!

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