Building a Defensive Blockade in Google Search Results

While search engine optimization can take a long time to kick in, there are two ways you can get in the Google search results listings in a day.

One is free while the other will cost you a little.

The three things you at least want to have are 1) your organic listing 2) your sponsored listing and 3) your Google maps listing.

Just as you don’t want to have only one line of defense in self defense, the same goes for Google’s search results.

Having at least three points of reference to your site in Google’s search results is a great way to build a defensive blockade against your martial arts schools competitors.Chances are, your competitors aren’t even aware this is an option for them so you’ll be way ahead of them.

Search Engine Optimization Takes A Long Time

Most search engine optimization experts agree (including myself) that it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to get anywhere in the search engine rankings. If you haven’t started yet, get started now!

The greatest thing about search engine optimization is that it is free so any student you get from your site will more than pay for the return on your investment of time to get it to the top. It’s one of the best returns on investment you can make.

Search engine optimization is a long term process with no real short cuts. Even if you do all the things right, you’re always 100% at the mercy of the search engines and if and when they include you and rank you well.

Google is the King of the Search Engines

Google is the leading search engine. Hell, it is even a verb (i.e. “I think I will Google it”). As you might suspect then, the most coveted place is on page one of Google in the #1 spot. Most people don’t click through to subsequent pages.

And, getting in spot one on page one of Google isn’t likely going to happen by accident. And, it sure as hell isn’t going to happen over night.

However, there are two other areas on Google you should consider to help immediately speed up the process.

How to Get Into Google In A Day

There are two quick ways to get into Google in a day; each of which fall outside of search engine optimization and more into search engine marketing.

They are 1) Google Adwords and 2) Google Maps. Let’s look at each on real quick.

1) Google Adwords
Adwords is the “sponsored links” results in any search results and works on an auction basis. Adwords is an advertising vehicle where you run ads where you bid on keywords on a pay per click basis. In other words, you don’t pay until someone clicks on it and compete against anyone else who wants to bid on the same keywords.

ADWORDS TIP: The higher you bid, the higher you will be in sponsored links area. The lower, the lower your results will be. Start low and see where you rank for your keyterms then adjust as necessary.

Adwords allows you to target locally to your city and state… even down to the zip code. So, you don’t have a lot of wasted coverage and expense because you can select everything. In fact, you can decide when and how much you’re will to spend each day and are willing to pay for each keywords. You can bid higher or lower for each term depending on how well they convert for you.

One of my next posts will be on pay per click advertising and breaking out the basics of Adwords more in detail. Suffice it to say, you should create an account and start looking around.

2) Google Maps
Welcome to defensive blockade #2.

Every martial arts school relies on local residents to keep their doors open. Do a search on Google for your city, state and add “martial arts” at the end and you will likely see a map of all the competitors in your area. Hopefully it even includes your martial arts school. If not, you can set up an account and be included in the listings in a matter of hours.

GOOGLE MAPS TIP: Be sure your phone number, address, and domain is current. Set up an account and get everything accurate so you can maximize your presence.

On the Google map from your test, you’ll quickly see it lists three things for each martial arts school:

  • School name (which links to your website if you have one)
  • Domain name
  • Phone number

If you see yourself or your competitors there it’s likely because their information was pulled from a phone book at some point or some other major data source. However, it might not be optimized. The good news is that you can update the information and get everything current should it be out of date.

In most searches, the Google Map is at the top search results and where a prospects eye is immediately drawn. Google Adwords typically resides in the right hand column. Then you have your organic listing in the natural search results giving you three lines of defense.

Blocking out your competitors by having multiple listings for one search is the panacea. If you’re in the Google map, you’re #1 in the organic search, and you’re #1 in sponsored links, I’d say you’ll have it pretty good when it comes to blocking out your competitors.

Are you building a defensive blockade in Google?

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