How to Develop a Unique Selling Proposition for Your Martial Arts School

Make Your Martial Arts School Stand Out from Your Competition with a Unique Selling Proposition 

unique selling proposition (USP) is a necessary step when telling people what your martial arts school is all about. It gives the a preview of what they can expect and how you’re different than all the other martial arts studios in town.

Having a rock solid USP is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly.

A USP separates you from your competition and helps get your prospects attention. It can even help persuade someone to choose to contact you rather than the martial arts school down the street. It must be compelling and encompass your most desirable attributes.

Ideally, it would be something that would difficult or impossible for your competitors to offer, however, that is not always possible. To have an effective USP, you should also frame your statement around the needs of your target market and then how you can fulfill that need in a unique way.

How To Find Your USP

There is an unlimited number of possible USP’s that you can use. Some possible directions to explore:

  1. Who you teach
  2. Your facility
  3. Hours of operation
  4. Student to instructor ratios
  5. The guarantee you offer
  6. Being a specialist
  7. Processes you employ
  8. Your trial program

You can even combine these to make them even more powerful.

Don’t be shy to tell people this when they ask about your martial arts studio is all about. A good USP can either attract students or repel them. Pick a good one.

What is your USP and how did you arrive at it? How has it impacted your martial arts school in attracting more students? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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