How to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings with a Title Tag

Part of a good search engine optimization strategy for your martial arts school is targeting keywords and keyword phrases in your title tags. The title tag is one of the most important things you can do to help your search engine rankings. Learn how to optimize your title tags to help searchers find your martial arts school.

What is a Title Tag?

A title tag is a piece of code that describes the content on a given web page. It helps the search engines determine the content on a webpage and it’s relevancy to keyword searches.

The title tag is a “META tag” that can be found inbetween the “head” tag of your HTML code:

<title>Your Page Title Goes Here</title>

Here is what it looks like at the top of your browser:


In fact, the title tag is one of the most important weapons in your search engine optimization arsenal.

For existing sites, you can see a huge lift in your rankings just by altering your title tag. For new sites, having search engine friendly title tags in place is a good long term strategy that will help you climb the rankings over time.

What Should You Put In your Title Tag?

Every title tag should target one keyword phrase and each page should have its own unique title tag. I see a lot of martial arts schools with the same title tag on every single page.

What a waste!

Not only doesn’t this help visitors know what is on a page, it doesn’t help the search engines, either.

Most title tags I see are just the name of the martial arts school. If you include your school name, be sure to do it at the end of your title tag, not the beginning. You want your most important keywords up front.

Understand you are already going to rank for the name of your business but realize that not everyone is searching for the name of your business. Most will be searching using keywords that will help them solve their problem.

The fact is, people are looking for your service in a certain geographic location.

People in Columbus Ohio who are searching for karate lessons aren’t going to type in “karate” into Google to find a karate dojo. They are going to search based on a combination of city and state based terms along with a variety of generic as well as style specific terms such as “Karate Columbus Ohio.”

The more you can tap into your geo specific terms, the better.

How long can a title tag be?

You have a limit of 80 characters including spaces, dashes, commas, etc. Use them wisely. Otherwise, your title tag will get truncacted in the search results. Remember, you title tag becomes the main link in the search listings.

Choose your keyword phrases wisely.

  • Bad Title Tag: Jims Tae Kwon Do
  • Better Title Tag: Columbus Ohio Karate Lessons – Jims Tae Kwon Do

Realize that if you change your title tag, it could up to 90 days or more to see any changes in your rankings. This is because it takes the search engines a while to re-index things. They have millions of sites to update. Be patient.

Any other ideas? Share your ideas in the form of a comment below!

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