How to Choose a Good Martial Arts School Domain Name

Securing a Domain Name is a Great Investment for Your Martial Arts School

Getting a good domain name for your martial arts school is the first step to having a Web site. A good domain name can help communicate professionalism, benefits of your school, and starts to tell a story.

Ideas for Selecting a Domain Name

There are many ways to go about choosing a domain name. Most martial arts school owners think they are limited to just using the name of their school as their domain name. While that is one good idea, it’s the not the only option available.

Here are some ideas you might also want to consider:

  1. Benefit Driven
  2. Geography Specific
  3. Style Based
  4. Student Base Focused

It’s good to have a list of domain names to consider in case your desired domain name isn’t available. By using this list, you have more options to make a selection from and will help you find the perfect domain name.

Why buy more than one domain name?

It never hurts to have a lot of domain names as you might want to use them later to help track different marketing efforts. I own over 50 domain names and use them for all sorts of projects.

Domain Name Tips

  • Preferably, register a “.com” for your business. This is the most recognizable business extension.
  • Keep it short and to the point. If it’s too long, you increase the likely hood of typos.
  • Keep it easily pronounceable. If you have to spell it often, it’s probably not a good domain name.
  • Avoid acronyms as they aren’t always memorable and too easy to mix them up.
  • Avoid dashes as they are hard to tell people in conversation.

Register Your Domain Names

  1. Make a list of domain names you want to investigate.
  2. Visit to see if your domain names are available.
  3. Register as many domain names as you’d like.
  4. Be sure to have them automatically renew so you don’t end up loosing them in a year.

Why Buy from sells domain names for just $9.99/year. This is a great deal and far less than the $35 of some other domain name registrars. A domain name is a domain name no matter where you buy it so it doesn’t make any business sense to pay more.

Having a good domain name is one critical element to having a successful website. Choose it wisely.

Once you have a domain name, you will need to get hosting, which is the next topic for discussion. Stay tuned.

What method did you use to register your domain names? Let me know in the form of a comment below.

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