15 Questions to Diagnose Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Many Leads

Does your martial arts school’s website suffer from a lack of referrals?

Do prospects visit your website, read your content, and then do nothing?

Does it turn away prospects instead of persuading them to take your trial program?

If your website isn’t generating a healthy amount of leads each week, it may be suffering from a severe case of brochureware.

To help you overcome this common website ailment, here are 15 questions you can ask yourself to help uncover why you’re not getting the most out of your website.

1. What problem does your service solve?

If you haven’t yet articulated this on your website, it’s time to add it.

We buy things that solve our problems… is it weight loss? … Self-confidence? … Ability to defend yourself?… What?

Once you determine what problems your prospects encounter, it will be easier to speak to them directly.

A simple way to get this information to survey existing students why they joined in the first place.

This can help you discover what problems you are already unknowingly solving.

2. What’s in it for them?

Tell your prospects what your martial arts program is going to do for them.

“ACME Martial Arts will help you become more confident, get into better shape all the while learning practical and effective self defense skills.”

By clearly identifying what’s in it for them can have a huge impact on getting prospects to engage.

This is also a good time to remind them of your offer.

Target your home page so your prospects immediately know what’s in it for them when they join your martial arts school.

Don’t be vague.

Be specific and clear.

3. Do you tell a compelling story?

People love stories.

We all grew up on them.

Marketing is based on telling stories.

What story are you telling and does it resonate with your prospects?

This could be your start in the martial arts, why you started your martial arts school, etc.

This could be done in the form a post, flyer, video, audio or using all the above.

4. Are you marketing with “black belt eyes”?

Your website copy might make sense to you, but does it make sense to your prospect?

I can’t believe how many martial arts school owners still market with “black belt eyes;” as John Graden calls them.

These are black belts who market using what’s important to them (your style, your instructor, martial arts associations you belong to, etc.) after 20 years after being in the martial arts.

Remember: What you care about isn’t the same things as what your prospect cares about.

5. Is there enough detail?

You need to include enough of the right details to help spark interest from your prospects.

Be specific on the details:

  • What people will get if they sign up?
  • What they will learn in class?
  • How is each class is structured?
  • How will you improve their lives?
  • What can they expect?
  • Why should they use you?
  • What makes your different?
  • Etc.

You’ll be amazed at what a little detail will do to get a prospect to engage.

6. Is your photo on your website?

Is you website appear to be from a business rather than a person?

Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

And, having your photo on your website is a simple — yet effective — way to begin building that trust.

Your photo starts to build that trust and build you as authority.

If you’re reading this article on my website, you’ll see my photo on the righthand column.

This helps my readers — like you — make a connection with me so you can see who’s running the show.

7. Have you made an emotional appeal?

All that above said, you can’t just put out factual information.

Sure, that is important on some level but can’t be the only thing you’re putting out there.

You really need to make an emotional appeal and stress the benefits.

Headlines are a great place to make an emotional appeal like:

Learn how to stand up for yourself and finally take control of your life with the martial arts.

Compare that to “Improve your self-confidence.

See how much stronger the first statement is at making an emotional appeal?

8. Have you justified your service with logic?

While people buy emotionally, as noted above, they justify it with logic.

Are you supporting their reasons with logical reasons and features?

9. Have you asked for the sale?

This seems obvious but many websites never ask for the sale.

The owners leaves it up to the prospect to decide to contact them.

What a mistake!

This can be as simple as a link at the bottom of every page that says: “Are you ready to sign up for our next trial program?  Call us at 555-1212 today to enroll!

By adding this one element, you’ll likely increase the number of leads you get each week.

Now go add it!

10. Have you addressed the most obvious objections?

Imagine not having to have to work as hard to overcome your prospects objections.

How many more prospects could you turn into paying students?

While you can’t eliminate them entirely, you can go a long way of tackling the big objections by addressing them in advance on your website.

By removing obstacles, you’re clearing a pathway to the sign up process.

11. Have you addressed the most common questions you receive?

I can’t tell you how many questions I cut down on in person just by making many of these available on my website.

It allows me to spend less time getting people to sign up as they already have that info before they walk into my martial arts school.

Some martial arts marketing experts would argue that leaving these out will make it so people will have a reason to call.

In my experience, that’s a load of crap.

I still get calls and the questions have changed to more educated questions that get me closer to them signing up.

Test it to see if you experience the same thing.

For starters, this can be done on your frequently asked questions page.

12. Is your message difficult to understand?

Choose your words carefully.

Read your content out loud.

Does it sound right?

Does it roll off the tongue?

Ask others to read it and give you that feedback.

They will also help you catch any typos that can erode your professionalism.

13. Have you talked more about yourself than what you can do for your prospect?

This is a HUGE mistake on many martial arts websites.

Don’t make this mistake of talking more about yourself than your prospect.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

14. Have you made it easy for people to sign up?

While asking for the sale is important, you also needs to make it easy to find.

Make this as prominent as possible.

Some find it helps to have a call to action in several places on each page.

Decide the easiest way how people will can respond to redeem your offer then tell them:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Text
  • Mail
  • Contact form
  • Coming in
  • Etc.

15. How much social proof do you use?

Social proof is when you can show real customers who have experienced results from your service.

Testimonials, photos, audios or videos of your current students are a gold mine for your martial arts business to help validate it as credible.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Do you have awards, magazine articles, news clipping, etc. that you can use to help establish yourself as an expert?

If so, get them on your website. It will help to establish you as an authority.

By tackling these questions head on and addressing them on your website, you’ll go a long way towards increasing your response rates from your website.

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