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Use A Call to Action To Prompt Your Visitors to Respond

So you’ve got this great website and you’re wondering why people aren’t ever doing anything once they get there. The simple answer is that you might be missing one key element that could make all the difference.It’s called a “call to action.”

A call to action isn’t simply providing your phone number or your domain name. A call to action asks your prospect to take some sort of action. It can be to pick up the phone… send an email… fill out a form.. print out a PDF brochure … basically any action you deem most valuable to your martial arts prospecting process.

Crack open any yellow pages and you’ll see thousands of ads that just list a phone number. However, most don’t say anything like “pick up the phone and call us today!” You’ll also so see some that just list a domain name. You’ll also notice they almost never include “Visit to learn about our free trial program!”

KEY CONCEPT: If you don’t ask people to take action, they won’t. In sales, you’re taught to always ask for the sale. Why would your website be any different?

On every page on your martial arts school website, you should be asking people to either pick up the phone, send you an email or fill out a form. This can be done in the header, side bar, or at the end of each page. I recommend doing it once at the top of your page and once at the bottom using the same exact call to action.
Call to Action Pointers:

Use as many of these in your call to action as you can to help build their effectiveness:

  1. Keep it simple. State one and only one thing you want them to do.
  2. Be specific. Tell them what action you want them to take.
  3. Tell them how to respond. Give them the info they need to immediately act.
  4. Ask them to do it now. Do you really want them to wait? Ask them to respond while they’re still on your website.
  5. Make it all about them. Tell them what they’ll get if they respond.

Sample Calls to Action:

  • Call us now at xxx-xxx-xxxx to learn more about our award winning karate program for kids!
  • Want to learn more? Request a free, no obligation brochure today! (with link to sign up page)
  • Ready to get started? Sign up now for our free, no obligation two hour trial program! (with link to sign up page)
  • Email us now at to learn just how affordable our family friendly karate programs can be!
  • Call Mr. Jackson at xxx-xxx-xxxx now to reserve your two free trial lessons!

Calls to action can help dramatically improve your response rates from all your marketing materials. Take a look at your martial arts school’s website and see if at any point if you ask your visitors to do anything. If not, print this out and start crafting your very own call to action!

So what are some examples of calls to action you currently use at your studio?

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