Are Your Text and Background Colors Driving Prospects to Your Competition?

If you’re going to go through the trouble of building a website, be sure to make it easy on the eyes of your visitors so you keep them on your site as long as possible.

Keeping them on your site or pages longer helps converting prospects to students. It’s all about having the right contrast between your text and your background.

Choosing bad color combinations with respect to the text and background on your website can make it difficult to read and hard on the eyes. This usually produces one response: hit the back button.

Why go through the trouble of creating a website that repels people and pushes them to look elsewhere?

Design using the right color combinations will make a world of difference. Your appointment book and your prospects will thank you. Try and make things as easy on the eyes as possible and have good contrast between your text and background.

Too many martial arts school sites I see are trying to get too clever… too different… and it only ends up getting in the way. Your visitors came to your website for information and to evaluate you as a possibility.

If visitors don’t stay on your website because it’s hard on the eyes, you’re losing prospects even before they read your content… before seeing your offer… before they take any other action.

By providing a bad user experience, you’re instantly turning off prospects to what incredible benefits your martial arts school provides and pushing them to leave your site.

So what color text and background should you use?

Think about it this way: When you pick up a newspaper, book, or magazine, what color text do the use? What color paper? We all grew up with reading black on white. Not white on black. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THIS!

To illustrate, check out this website that perfectly represents this point: White on black is EXTREMELY hard on the eyes! So is just about anything other than black text on white background. Be sure to read it from top to bottom to get the full experience.

Does your website have anything but black text on a white background? If so, change it now and reduce the number of prospects you are repelling!

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