Should You Post Your Martial Arts Class Schedule on Your Website?

Recently I received an email from a martial arts marketing association that claimed you will have a 34% drop in response by posting your martial arts school’s class schedule.

So, should you believe the hype or not?

In one of my posts Top 8 Pages Every Martial Arts School’s Website Should Have, I suggest you post your martial arts class schedule on your website and obviously think it’s a good idea. My take is that it can help prequalify prospects before they call you and is  a good customer service feature.

However, not every thinks so.

There seems to be two sides on the issue:

  1. Show Your Schedule
    Posting your schedule can be good customer service because people can pre-qualify themselves. Those that contact you will have one less thing getting in between getting them to sign up. It can also demonstrate the variety of classes you offer and how convenient your schedule is.
  2. Don’t Show Your Schedule
    By posting your martial arts class schedule, prospects might disqualify themselves even if they have the time and won’t come through the door. This approach gives prospects more reason to contact you to learn more about your program. One of our readers posted this comment:

I wouldn’t want someone to qualify a schedule on their own. I’ve had students who have adjust thier schedules to our academy because they understand how much our classes have done for them. If I put up the schedule online, they might have never come through the door. – T. Wong

I see both sides of the issue and think the best solution is to test both ideas and see for yourself it effects your response rate or not. This way,  it removes the subjective and provides you with the facts for your martial arts school.

In my own experience, I see fewer responses on my website when I bury my schedule and take it out of the main navigation. My facts don’t match the 34% fewer responses claim I mentioned above.  If I were to just take it as fact, it could actually hurt my business.

My advice? Test. Test. Test. As with anything, your results may vary.

What do you think? Post your schedule or not?

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